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For over a decade, we have localized over 500 titles of all genres, sizes, and complexity. We know how to localize your next title to enable the player to feel the entire original user’s experience and how to control your localization and production budget from the outset.

The player’s experience

Playing and understanding the game in each language

Key decisions need resolving with respect to the factors directly affecting the localization before starting, such as the functionality of the code in other languages, correctly preparing the materials, the use of formats, the internationalization of the product, the end user’s culture, and the required work flow throughout the development and localization process.

Considering all the following aspects will enable the best possible localization of each title, savings on the budget, and achieving our objective of fully transferring the original player’s experience into other languages.

  • History
  • Religion
  • Cultural groups
  • Politics
  • Geography
  • Planning and documentation
  • Style guide
  • Glossaries and translation memories
  • Audiovisual translation
  • Linguistic quality control
  • Typographical fonts
  • Design of the graphic interface
  • Export formats
  • Code systemization
  • Process standardization
  • The user interface
  • Cinematic scenes
  • System messages
  • Variable concatenation
  • Character restriction
  • Metadata
Experience and passion

We localize... we play

We are video game localization specialists with extensive experience on all types of titles, from known IPs or AAA games to independently developed projects with a different reach.

Project management

Our project managers run the localization process considering each client’s needs, as well as acting as the client’s point of direct contact, enabling fluid and decisive communication.

Target languages

Each title requires prior analysis of the languages or regions in which it will be marketed, the synergies between the video game genre and the target audience, and the return on the localization investment. We mainly localize into English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, including the different language variants.

Gaming platforms

Each different gaming platform comes with its own style guideline and glossary requiring consideration to avoid conformity rejections during the third party approval phase. Professional and experienced localization avoids delays and potential risks to a video game’s commercial launch.

Facts and figures

Millions of players

Source: LAI Global Game Services.


France ranks 3rd in game software sales for all of Western Europe (behind the UK and Germany), bringing in 17% of the region’s software sales. France has over 44 million gamers, with most on PC and mobile platforms – over 65% of France’s total population. In terms of software sales only, games in France bring in nearly $4 billion.


Germany remains Europe’s largest gaming market. (Germany became Europe’s largest market in 2009). Germany alone has over 65 million gamers, representing a $3.6 billion game software market. The size of Germany’s games market comes as no surprise, considering that Germany’s population is the largest in Europe.

The global Spanish market

Spain is Europe’s 5th largest esports market (by revenue share). As of 2016, Spain comprised 5.3% of Europe’s total esports revenue share, making up roughly $16 million. As for the LatAm market, Mexico has the 2nd biggest game market in Latin America, at 19%, behind Brazil’s 30%. There is a roughly equal number of local gamers playing on PC as on mobile platforms in Mexico, with 30 million PC gamers and 32 million mobile gamers.

The user’s


Video games tend to target a very specific audience or one defined by age, gender, and more generalized pastime parameters, with clear definitions in both cases. As such and in the vast majority of cases, the user fully expects to receive the final product in the marketed language and of the highest quality.

The user has the final word and the capacity to influence others, as well as make product-related reviews, and decide their next purchase based on their prior experience.

Our professional video game localization occurs primarily with the user in mind.

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We are video games localization specialists with extensive experience in all types of projects, genres, and platforms.

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