Dubbing and voice-overs

We dub all types of audiovisual products, as well as documentaries, series, shorts, video games, promotional videos, and educational multimedia content. We offer translation for professional dubbing, transcription and translation of original outputs, adaptation for dubbing, tender preparation, hold voice castings, preproduction, and postproduction.

Transcription and translation

The foundation for professional dubbing

The first step to implementing many television or film projects starts with transcribing and translating the script. Our translation for dubbing ensures a final production aimed at each target audience, whatever the medium and audience, maintaining natural speech to fit the medium.

We offer transcriptions with breaks by native linguists and translations by audiovisual translation professionals.

Learn the essential aspects behind our translation for dubbing.

We translate considering
  • The time restriction
  • The text-image relationships
  • Cultural adaptations
  • Lip synching
  • Gesticulation
  • Voice duration
We translate adapting
  • Deliverable formats
  • Division into takes
  • In and out codes
  • Actor characters
  • Situations and context

Audiovisual translation

Production under control


We plan the entire production and select suitable audiovisual translation and dubbing professionals.


We transcribe and translate audiovisual material, we adapt the script for dubbing, and we plan the recording sessions.


We edit, proofread, voice, and master the entire audiovisual work, which we subsequently deliver to the client within the agreed schedules.

Professional and

comprehensive dubbing

Translation for dubbing is an audiovisual translation field with difficulties potentially affecting each production stage. The major challenge when dubbing audiovisual works for cinema, television, and video games starts with translation, adaptation, and conveyance of the orality of the original texts straight to the dubbing actor’s mouth.

Here at Intrawords, we select talents that will best convey the sense, message, nuance, feeling, emotion, and illusion of the original to an audience used to obtaining a quality and professional audiovisual product.

doblaje voz superpuesta
doblaje voz superpuesta

The dubbing quote

We offer professional dubbing that includes the entire production of the audiovisual work at a competitive price.

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