Digital media subtitling

Everyone can access audiovisual content and adapting the language to each audience is part of a solid communication and marketing strategy.

Here at Intrawords, we offer professional, affordable, responsive, and cost-effective subtitling.

Major added value

We make subtitling affordable and cost-effective

Subtitling has its own techniques, rules, and time and space limitation criteria that directly affect the outcome.

Amateur subtitling is unsupervised and its quality places the corporate image and brand value conveyed through the original multimedia product at risk.

Here at Intrawords, we use the customer’s own directives to produce professional subtitling and deliver a quality definitive multimedia product.

We will now explain why professional subtitling is both a good and profitable idea.

Commercial value
  • Maintains and enhances original brand value
  • Offers a more corporate appearance
  • Makes your brand stand out against the competition
  • Increases the investment return
  • Opens up a pathway to new markets
Corporate value
  • Projects a corporate image to the world
  • Communicates your business philosophy
  • Provides added value to business communication
Communication value
  • Reaches a more global audience
  • Enables content adaptation to each target audience
  • Reaches audiences with hearing difficulties
  • Enhances PR campaign communication
  • Standardizes content and messages
Economic value
  • More cost-effective than dubbing
  • Enhances the commercial reach with a new medium
  • Minimizes the cost of updating and reusing content
How are professional subtitles created?

The art of subtitling

There are conventions, rules, and criteria for subtitling itself, which are hard to acquire from an amateur approach, and why professional subtitling is synonymous with the recipient fully understanding and perceiving the original output.

Technical aspects

The first step to creating subtitles involves defining the ideal font type, the on screen layout, the font color, the subtitle background, and the length and number of lines and characters for on-screen readability and presentation.

Orthotypographical aspects

The professional subtitler needs to ensure on screen information is easy to read, which requires adapting certain conventional orthographical standards accordingly and taking great care over both punctuation and certain orthographical symbols.

Subtitle segmentation

Attending to each client’s directives or the different uses in communication media, the segmentation and layout of on screen subtitles is essential for quickly conveying the entire linguistic, visual, and sensorial load of the original output.

Subtitle reading

Who do we subtitle for?

A single language

This type of subtitling is for people with hearing difficulties, language learners, adverts, video tutorials, training courses, and corporate materials.

Between two languages

Along with helping to understand the original output, this type of subtitling is used more for people with hearing difficulties and in most audiovisual works, such as series, films, documentaries, and videos published in social networks.

The bilingual community

These subtitles show two languages on screen at the same time as a cultural communication medium for official languages and a learning tool through training and educational videos.


and the viewer

The quality of the subtitled output is subject to the viewer’s judgment, who usually analyzes the subtitling quality and, therefore, conveys that same perception of quality to the owner or author of audiovisual output.

Professional subtitling is readable, understandable, and loyal to the audiovisual language used in the original output.

Here at Intrawords, we look after all those aspects to ensure the same level of quality and commercial value derived from the original product.

subtitulado profesional intrawords
subtitulado profesional intrawords

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