Audiovisual translation and localization training

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Popular culture globalization, the internationalization of the markets, the rapid expansion of audiovisual and multimedia formats, and the unstoppable growth of users with access to new technologies, mobile devices, and the Internet have driven the ongoing surge in digital entertainment development.
Learn audiovisual translation and localization with us and you will receive quality academic training based on our renowned professional experience.


with certification

Our tutors and trainers are duly certified in distance training as required by State Public Employment Service in their publication BOE num. 145 of June 16, 2014.

Through our online curses, you will have:

A content tutor, who is a specialist in the subject and will resolve your queries, as well as answer your syllabus and assessment exercise queries.

A mentor who will help your progress, carry out regular follow up during the course, and provide any information of interest to complete and benefit from the course.

Additionally, to ensure that you always feel supported, a technical tutor will be responsible for resolving any technical questions regarding access and use of the virtual campus.
A complete e-learning platform, with academic activity management, the development of learning activities, content assessment, and statistics and reports on the educational process.

You will work with actual production materials already with the main difficulties already having been resolved, as well as the main applications used the professional domain.

Lastly, we will guide you to help your venture into the professional world or the video game audiovisual translation and localization sector become a great success.

Do you want to learn or improve your skills with us?

Our students can count on a team of professionals with extensive experience in video game audiovisual translation and localization.